Jess Bousa || CEO & Marketing Strategist ||

Jess led a team that built one of the fastest-growing organizations in Maryland with 5 locations, 8 staff, 9 buildings on over 33 acres of property and over million-dollar budget with an extraordinary community impact strategy that regularly reached thousands upon thousands of people in just 6 short years. His ability to communicate and cast an inspiring vison, rally people and resources and develop systems and leaders as he grew the organization exponentially more than the year before is off the charts. His creative genius was able to keep the attention of people and get the attention of those not looking for his story but found it and became a part of a regional movement. He also self published a book that was picked up by a publishing company. Moving you and your organization forward is what makes Jess tick. His purpose is for you to ultimately maximize your full potential through telling your story to the world in need of it.


Shane DeFries || Lead Designer ||

Shane was born with a creative gene. He was the creative genius behind Jess’ vision for a multi-site organization and his non-profit that ran parallel for 6 years. From branding organizations and campaigns to designing and building creative elements for live productions to running social media campaigns to building small to large sound and video systems for small to large auditoriums, Shane brings the freshest ideas to the table all the time to make sure you stand out in the crowd. He knows how to run Facebook and Instagram ads, develop content with his creative eye through photo and video creation, build brands and leverage technology to move you forward.


Doug Dilworth || Social Media Strategist ||

Doug, our Social Media Strategist, brings his managerial experience and passion for creativity to the team. He creates custom content and manages the social media accounts for our clients. Helping businesses achieve their full potential is what makes Doug wake up everyday.

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Brenden Hutton || Events Specialist ||

Brenden is a mobile DJ & event planner based out of the DC - Baltimore area with 8+ years of experience. He graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in public relations and is on the executive board for 2 Chick-fil-A franchises. Customer and client experience is his number one priority and he has the track record to prove it. He can DJ any genre but specializes in Top 40, House, & EDM.


Katie Sanderson || Wedding Coordinator ||

Katie is an expert in wedding coordination and design. When it comes to making your special day perfect, she is here for you! Along with the rest of the team,.Katie will handle coordinating your wedding and planning the big day!